2b2t (2builders2tools) is a Minecraft anarchy server, and one of the oldest servers in Minecraft. 2b2t started in December 17th/20th (Disputed on the exact date) of 2010, and has had seven years of history built with it. 2b2t is referred to as one of the worst servers in Minecraft due to its nature of having no staff, no rules and no chat filters. The map has been running since 2010 and has not reset since, aside from temporary maps for the playerbase to play on while the server was being fixed in maintenance. The map has only changed once while the map was being updated to fit the new world height limit.


The history of 2b2t is a complicated one, and a more descriptive timeline can be found in: Timeline, which has been recently fixed.


2b2t has left its mark in Minecraft's history, and caused a lot of servers to rip off 2b2t with the promise of anarchy. Most of these 2b2t clones use the format #b#t in their server name but several of them don’t follow this format. 2b2t has also been visited by a lot of YouTubers, mostly after 2016, such as TheCampingRusher, AgentGB, ElRichMC, AntVenom, and PopularMMOs.

2b2t also had its history with unique memes and its inheritance from its first inhabitants, the 4chan shitposters.Category:2b2tCategory:ServersCategory:Places

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