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Existed 2011-2012
Status Disbanded
Bases Several bases
Numbers ~50-70

The 4channers was a decentralized group of players who were against the Facepunch idea of peaceful anarchy. The group was mainly comprised of people from 4chan, however did have a mix of people from other places. The group had no leader, base, or organization whatsoever and their sole purpose was to hunt down every last Facepuncher on the server. The group stalked, griefed, and killed several Facepunchers, which lead to the group's disband. The group eventually disbanded once the Facepunchers left and followed their Facepunch enemies to go solo or join other groups. Some ex-4channers and ex-Facepunchers ended up joining the same groups despite their previous animosity.


In the early days of 2b2t, the server initially gained popularity from 4chan. The word "4channer" was originally used for anyone who came on to the server from 4chan. These "4channers" who wished to play on an online server couldn’t identify with the existing anarchy servers and also their admins. So 2b2t was - especially for /v/ and /b/ people - the place they wanted to play Minecraft online. The server started to be advertised on 4chan almost daily. People started to get online more and more. Spawn probably received the first wave of destruction at this point. The game was still on beta or alpha at the time. The group eventually formed when players from www.facepunch.com began to join the server and tried to calm the tides of anarchy.


Notable Members

*Note - FP stands for Face-Punch, referring to the Facepunch Republic.

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