BGM (Block Game Mecca)

Block Game Mecca was founded on January 1st, 2017 and greifed on June 1st, 2018. It is considered one of the largest bases on 2b2t.org.Template:2B2T_Build_Template


Block Game Mecca was founded Jan 1 2017 by AutismBot and GanjMeisterBlock. They had all recently been at a build with c4rtm4n, which lasted two weeks because he invited too many people.

"Block Game Mecca started with humble beginnings. It was nearly 6 months before anything resembling a decent base took shape. We started with the guardian farm area, but the first major build to be completed was the red spikey thing near the gold farm

We had a large concentration of redstoners, so we had every possible farm we needed in short order, and the members started building random things. Macca started on his tree, Ganj started on his hardhat recreations, dragon, and Prison Island

Vertrix eventually showed up to the base. He was the face of nearly everything with a rustic asthetic.

Myself and juicy primarily built the outside of the cathedral, but nearly every basemate had a hand in that. Vertrix did the entire interior by himself


Joey_coconut built the brick biome and worked on his village.

Ganj built the creeper farm

BerkBrein and myself did the guardian farm.

Mothra did a lot of the terraforming around the cathedral

the hitler statue was conceptualized by fr1kin, and brought to life by Nations, a non base member. We all worked on the project and got it done nearly overnight, but the carpet we dragged ass on and took a very long time."

Macca did the pathwaysCategory:BasesCategory:GriefedCategory:Bases GriefedCategory:PlacesCategory:Places Griefed

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