"Wait, is that an end crystal?" - Fit, shortly before being blown up by Babbaj
Joinedmid/late 2015
BasesRat House
TypeExploiter, PvPer
PastTeam Veteran

Babbaj is a notable midfag on 2b2t. His username is based off of Bubba J who is a dummy that is owned by the well-known ventriloquist comedian known as Jeff Dunham.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Babbaj, also known as 'Babbajude', is a midfag that gained some respect among relevant oldfags. He joined in late summer of 2015, or as late as September 2015. Before the Rusher Era, he wasn't particularly known for anything in particular besides following around oldfags, and doing stuff in the end (such as building an enderman farming base that was later found and """griefed""" by TheCampingRusher. It was not until June 2016 with the appearance of TheCampingRusher and his fans, and his appearances in Fit's videos, that he gained a reputation.

Rusher and Post-Rusher[edit | edit source]

Babbaj worked as a well respected general for Team Veteran alongside Fit and aided in several large-scale Rusher massacres and raids on enemy strongholds. During the war, he became quite infamous as he was one of the first players to use End Crystals in combat and gave them out to noobs at spawn for the Veteran Bounty List.

After the war, Babbaj moved on to work a lot with the 4th Reich and had several skirmishes with Team Aurora members and griefed several bases, including DonFuer 10. Soon after, he would travel to the +X Border while Byrnsy was making his dig with the X+ Diggers (later to be the Nether Highway Group), with an exploit that allowed for elytra flying under bedrock, and griefed Point Nemo with Chunkr. In 2017, he based at Omega City after finding it with 0x22 and joined the SpawnMasons, and griefed Toro's Theater after it was leaked on stream. Babbaj would continue to develop ForgeHax with fr1kin and griefed Gigo's Temple in 2019.

Roles on the Server[edit | edit source]

BabbaJ is a really active player and can usually be found on the server almost every day. He used to be in almost every 2b2t related discord server. He has also become somewhat of a meme due to his tendency to immediately ignore people who annoy him. Babbaj is also incredibly dangerous as he was one of the first players to use and crystals as a weapon and also has them ready to fight. He is also a fast traveler, as he is used to be one of the first players to grief a newly leaked place (This can be seen in the Don Fuer tour video).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Babbaj is behind the 'Who is JewishBanker and why is he at my base? meme.

External Links[edit | edit source]

A video reading BabbaJ's old 2b2t Wikipedia page

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