Chrisleighton was an oldfag and server regular that played from 2011 to mid 2012. He was quite a sadistic person, he would often go into autistic griefing rampages, however, his base-mates saw him as a nice person, for some reason. He once put lava all over spawn, so that if someone died and came to square one, they died. 


Chrisleighton was infamous for spamming in chat with this message: "CHRISLEIGHTON IS THE KING OF 2B2T! U MAD (N-Word)! U MAD NEWFAGS!". He spammed it so widely that most just accepted it so that he would shut up for once, remember that /ignore still was not a thing back then. 

Most of his base-mates and other 2b2t players tolerated the autistic piece of shit, until one day were x0XP had gotten enough of him. x0XP discovered that Chris Leighton was his real name, and was able to discover his true identity and doxx him, making Chrisleighton quit the server. In his absence, the title of King of 2b2t was passed on.Category:PlayersCategory:FacepunchCategory:FaggotsCategory:GriefersCategory:People

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