Elysium 1

Elysium 1
Approx. founding date14th June 2019
Approx. disbandment date8th December 2019
Number of members7 Built [12 total]
Number of bases2
FameThe Bible and Book Crash Exploit Discovered Causing the Creation of the Book Club and No Server November
Notable membersKyr0 [leader], Linkiie, Warrior_AZ*, Hydrabyte*, Reoch, Redstoner___, 5r4 (Gavin), Slicke*, Wolley_Mammoth9*, Lil_Remains66, WookieOnTop, SSJNSSJNSSJNSSJN*
Notable buildsThe 2b2t Library, Imperator's Base Obsidian Redeemer, The Nautilus (Sphere), 32,000 Harambe Maps, MegaStash (64x128x64 Chest)
EventsCreation of 2b2t bible, Discovery of Book Crash Exploit

The Elysium was a base founded and led by Kyr0. It was founded in July 2019 and blown up in December 8th, 2019. The base was started when Kyr0 was a new player who really didn't know much about 2b2t, but over time grew as his friend circle expanded and he himself gained more and more skill.

History[edit | edit source]

The base started with the main glass sphere you see in the picture. All the glass in the top half was smelted by hand as Kyr0 didn't know any active dupes at the time. Afterwards, Kyr0 made the structure at the bottom but was reluctant to finish the bottom half of the dome due to it being a challenge to build circles in Minecraft in general. However, it was completed a few months later after much of the other base was built.

Library[edit | edit source]

During this time many smaller builds were made including the relatively famous library. The library was a collection of books from classical literature which Kyr0 thought were interesting. Some of the public domain works which were included were, "The Art of War", "On the Origin of Species" and a literal copy of the Bible. All of which Kyr0 found interesting and using a script he made as a project copy+pasted into Minecraft. This was then found by Redstoner___, another player, to be able to crash the server by simply opening the chest with the bible repeatedly. The bible was used to wreak havoc for 2 days, but this was soon patched, bringing back book banning, which leads more into the Book Club's history, which Kyr0 disassociated with as he disapproved of intentionally crashing the server and messing with the integrity of the server. Overall, this was considered a fun time for the base and many people were invited only to be left in awe of the builds. "We all had a good time, talking about everything, 2b2t related or non-2b2t related."

Kyr0's player page has a more in-depth timeline of lots of events at the base. If you're interested, click here.

Unfortunately, as with all habitats in this wasteland, the base was griefed by its own members after being leaked on other peoples maps due to a map reset. But the members have already began work on a second base with many improvements over the first.

Builds[edit | edit source]

The biomes Inside the main dome
The MegaStash as viewed from the outside
The Bridge Being completed next to the old Terminal
The interior of the MegaStash Circa October
The Domes - The main part of the base. these were used as player houses and a central area, accessible from an automatic minecart system at sea level.

North: Linkiie's Dome (Not Completed)

East: Redstoner___'s Newfriend Heaven

Nouth: Kyr0’s Vault

West: Reoch's Hut

The Bridge - A rail link between the island below the dome and the mainland, it starts in the spruce cottage and goes to the mini builds area.
The MegaStash - A project started By Redstoner___ and Carl2b2t to expand the bases item capacity on an industrial level. It consisted of a dupe bridge, donkeys and hundreds of chests that automatically store items. The Entire Structure in enclosed in a giant chest that stretches 8 chunks long, 4 high and 4 deep. It is located 1km from the main base. It was also where the 2b2tBible Was Duped and used to crash the server. It Was never Filled to capacity, only having around 100 dubs before being abandoned.
The Mini Builds - Carl2b2t's side project. The bases name sits in the middle, the crafting table represents the first item at the base, the book is in memory of discovering the book crash exploit and the others are for various reasons.
Imps Redeemer - Being the only schematica build along with the map art
Wool Highway - The wool highway was one of the first builds as it allowed walking form the dome to the mainland, most builds are on the sides of it. It's about 1000 blocks long.
The Haunted Mansion - Built by Lil_Remains66, it dispensed a curse of binding pumpkin on the player who walked in. the inside was never completed though

External Links[edit | edit source]

Base Download MegaStash Download Base Tour Video (by Avstn 1) Base Grief Video

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