thumb|160x160pxGeorgebush420 is the original and lesser known owner of 2b2t. He continues to own the server with Hause, who has been his long term friend, and works on various plugins for 2b2t. Georgebush was the first person to come up with the idea of 2b2t as it was originally a Garry's mod server.

History of Server Care

Gary's Mod Server

Back in 2009/2010, Georgebush420 came up with the idea of a server where players could do whatever they wanted with no rules. He created a server on Garry's mod with this premises in mind. Eventually, upon the release of Minecraft multiplayer, georgebush created the minecraft server we know today as 2b2t.

Transition To Minecraft

In December of 2010, georgebush created 2b2t with the same premises as the Garry's Mod server.


Hausemaster is a friend of georgebush420 and was invited by George to co-run the server as Hause's computer has better processing and downloading speeds to care for the server. Hausemaster currently does most major things, but is most likely aided by George behind the scenes. This is why Hausemaster is much more known throughout the community than George, who is mainly known by oldfags and those who dig deep in 2b's history.

Behind The Scenes

thumb|220x220px|The many plugins of 2b2tIt has been confirmed that George mainly creates special plugins for the server. With this in mind, it could be assumed that George was responsible for the original queue system. He also helps Hause when switching from old maps to tempmaps, and vice versa. Proof of this was when georgebush420 was seen to be the only player online during the switch from 2016's tempmap back to the old map. He may be helping Hause with new plugins for 1.12. thumb|220x220px|Georgebush seen online during switch between tempmape and oldmape in 2016



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