Great Server Decay

Timeline of 2b2t

<--- Forum Massacre Period

---> First Valkryian Periodthumb|220x220pxThe Great Server Decay started when the Facepunch Republic started to lose control and eventually collapsed. This along with server lag problems, the IP change from .net to .org, and the server being down for three months caused many players to quit 2b2t. The Facepunch Decay Era is most well known for its all time low player count. Due to the lack of players, griefings and battles became less common, creating a twisted version of peace, basically completing the Facepunch initiative in an ironic way. This Era does not have much history due to the low player count.... until 2b2t was switched to a temporary map to test plugins. On this map, Hitlerwood, the remnants of the Facepunch Republic, teamed up with many other small groups to form Valkyria.

Notable Events


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