[Server] who even is hause why are you obsessed with this person
Approx. join dateDecember of 2010 (One Of The Oldest Oldfags Alive and Active (to a degree))

Known Altsgeorgebush420 (possibly has access to the account)
Reddit Username(s)2builders2tools

CurrentC1yd3i, iTristan, georgebush420
PastKalash (Reima)

Hausemaster, also known as simply Hause, or erroneously House and Housemaster, is one of the co-founders and co-owners of 2b2t since December 2010 along with georgebush420, although he is by far the most active and prominent of the two, likely having access to georgebush420's account. Hausemaster was the one who originally came up with the idea of making 2b2t, hence technically making them the oldest oldfag ever. Since the server is ruleless, Hause has no need for hiring staff for moderation of any kind, and only concerns themselves with keeping the server functioning. The actual account of Hausemaster has not been called Hausemaster since 2015, with it changing names to HOUSE_MASTER in March 2015 and again to expunged in May 2015, which is the current name. The name Hausemaster stuck due to the majority of oldfags and midfags being familiar and perpetuating it.

On 31 July 2014, a message appeared on the currently offline 2b2t website saying that the Hause had left 2b2t forever and was no longer an owner, leaving the server to be operated by "an anonymous friend." Almost immediately following this post, the owner's personality changed. Because of this, combined with the person's frequent lack of communication and interaction with the community, it is often believed that someone other than the original Hausemaster is owner of 2b2t. There are claims that the message was a hoax, although they are likely dubious at best.

History[edit | edit source]

2010-2016[edit | edit source]

Oldest known screenshot of Hausemaster.

Hause and george created 2b2t in late December 2010, becoming the de facto owner shorty after due to george's internet connection being bad. Hause occasionally joined 2b2t from its creation until around 2015, and according to many old players, he would sometimes teleport to random people and give them items. Hause said in an email at no point did they actively play nor followed what happened on the server, making updates and fixes Hause's main interaction with the community. The first backdoor of the server caused by popbob occurred in December 2011, which Hause fixed relatively quickly in January 2012.

As the years went on, Hause stopped appearing so often and eventually renamed his Minecraft account. He rarely (if ever) appears on the server today.

Hause has done a relatively good job of taking care of the +3500 GB worth of memory server by continuously updating its Minecraft version, preventing the deletion of the original map, and paying the monthly $90 for the server's rent in which he pays for with his own money or donations from the community. If Hause fails to pay that $90 at the end of the month, the server actually shuts down forever, causing the end of the 2b2t world (unless he makes a new map). Currently, only 1 player corruption has happened on the server where everyone lost their items, but this was early in the server's history when not many valuable items had been added yet, due to the the fact that Minecraft was still in the Alpha and Beta stages. Hause has also given maintenance to the server several times in order to fix lag or issues with the 7+ year old server, usually causing the server to become unavailable for variable time spans. The most severe time that the server was down was during the Great Server Decay when the server was down for three months. During this time, Hause changed the original IP of the server from 2b2t.net to 2b2t.org which caused several people to believe the server shut down for good.

Temp maps[edit | edit source]

Temp Maps are temporary maps made by Hause, usually to update and modify the old map. The server has had 4 temp maps so far, the first being at the end of the Great Server Decay in 2013, the second being 3b3t in early 2015, the third being during the early stages of The Rusher War during The Age of Hype in 2016, and the fourth being in the summer of 2017.

The 1st map was made in order for Hause to fix the massive lag on the old map during the Great Server Decay. The 2nd was in order to format the old map to Anvil format when the world height was increased to it's current limit. The 3rd was to add the queue system during the insane flood of new players and fix lag issues. The 4th has been added in order to test new plugins for the server in preparation of 2b2t's update to 1.12.


Minecraft Dimensions On 2b2t[edit | edit source]

(For more information see Nether and End)

Patches and Game Breaking Rules[edit | edit source]

The only "rules" that Hause has added to the server is that it is illegal to use game breaking tools that make the game unfair. He has added plugins to cause people using insane speed hacks and fly hacks to be kicked from the server. He has also patched several Dupe glitches, Backdoors, and other hack based glitches (i.e. Bed TP). Hause has been known to have actually used MC Edit in order to get rid of ridiculous lag machines and illegally placed bedrock, and once removed a giant wall around spawn (which ironically happened not long before rusher joined). Despite all this, he does let players keep duplicated items and usually takes his sweet long time patching things, causing players to be able to squeeze as much as they can out of glitches.

Hause has currently patched only one thing related to Vanilla Minecraft that does not involve hacking or glitches. This patch was for frost walker, an enchantment added in 1.10 Minecraft Update, in which several players used to freeze up entire rivers, builds with water, and even oceans.

Another object that has received plenty of attention is the elytra due to players finding glitches and hacks to cause infinite flight. Eventually, Hausemaster patched the first elytra glitch during the summer of 2016 (when elytras were first added) and the second during the time period of the 5th Incursion. The third glitch, which used an exploit in the options provided in the hacked client known as Aristois, was patched on January 23rd, 2017, by Hausemaster as he now officialy "banned" the elytras usage making it the second vanilla item removed from 2b2t. However, in 2019 it was once again enabled, with a cap on maximum flight speed when using hacked elytra flight.

He also disabled /kill for a time, to prevent the "apocalypse exploit" from being used (whereby a player would kill themselves while passing into the overworld through a nether portal, causing the game to think the player was both at their spawn point and at the overworld side of the portal, forcing the game to load all the chunks between those two locations), but later re-enabled it after patching the exploit.

Backdoor Management[edit | edit source]

The server has currently been backdoored 3 times and the subreddit 1 time. The first backdoor was caused by popbob during the early Facepunch time, which allowed his thunderhack, enchanted blocks, and hacked items, the second by iTristan and Pyrobyte to allow for them to reach the world border and create more hacked items, and the third by the Tyranny, which allowed for insane destruction.

The third backdoor was the most insane and fucked up to this date. The Tyranny managed to hack the account of georgebush420, the first owner of 2b2t. While many believe this to be illegal IRL because it is theft of property and the access of email accounts from Dark Web sites in fucking China, Hause did not press any charges against iTristan and his cronies. The group used the OP account to destroy several large builds and even to forge super weapons with insane enchantments like lvl 32K sharpness swords, knockback swords that could kick a person for flying, and looting swords that could crash the server by making mobs drop thousands of items at once. The group also used the account to create player heads of various players. This was the event that has caused the existence of 32k items to exist on the server all the way up to today, and now they are almost commonplace in the ever-inflating server economy.

Hause stopped popbob's Thunder Hack by disabling thunder on 2b2t, and regained his alternate account either by deleting it or changing its password/username. The addition of illegal items was almost impossible to fix, considering that many players got their hands on them and began duping them. As more and more players began using these items, Hause attempted to fix the problem by manually deleting various groups of items, and partially succeeded, but not without accidentally deleting Sharpness axes in the process. Furthermore, not all illegals were deleted, which allowed for more duping (of course) and they remain a hallmark of the current 2b2t atmosphere even today.

Original Queue

Queue and Rusher Fiasco[edit | edit source]

Old Queue from outside

The current Queue system that has been implemented into 2b2t is the revamped queue suggested by Rusher . Hause created the original queue to try to control the flooding from Rusher's video, however, it was not the greatest queue system. This caused a lot of people to be angry (especially oldfags), which Rusher noticed. Rusher suggested to Hause that he could buy the server in order to make it lag free, but Hause thankfully declined the offer because 2b2t would arguably be much worse and wouldn't have it's original 'feels'. Rusher then suggested the current queue, which added the Veteran Queue system and Priority queue. Veteran Queue gave the oldfags who joined before June 1st, 2016 a smaller wait time depending on how long ago they actually joined. The Priority Queue offers a smaller wait time than even the Veteran Queue, which you have to pay $20 monthly in order to have. Hause liked the idea and so allowed Rusher and his crew of faction buddies to add and control the queue, which spawned a little hate. This, however, was able to be abused by Rusher, such as when he removed Torogadude off the veteran queue list for being critical of rusher. Fortunately, Torogadude got his queue priority back (at least until veteran queue was removed for everyone), and no one else had their privileges illegitimately revoked. Hausemaster later made a post about the fiasco, saying that Minecraft is just a block game.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Hausemaster has in the past flattened spawn, which can be seen in some of xcc2's world downloads. This meant he removed tall structures like lava-pillars and lavacasts to make escaping spawn easier. And according to THEJudgeHolden, Hause built a few fields with animals in the nether when food was introduced.

Identity[edit | edit source]

Hausemaster is from Sweden, like georgebush420, and they know each other in real life, as confirmed in the original 2b2t facepunch thread. It is also widely believed that georgebush420 is simply an alternate account of Hause's.

Interesting note: in 2014, Hause's email headers stopped being written in Swedish, as they had normally been written prior.

Name[edit | edit source]

The name "Hausemaster" is of unknown origin. The name could be from his 2F2F days, as one of the admins on the now-gone 2F2F forums was named FLOOR_MASTER.[1] Hause's name on TF2 and the Facepunch forums was HOUSEMASTER. The "Hause" spelling could be from the "HOUSEMASTER" account already being bought on minecraft.

Queue from players perspective

Post-Rusher[edit | edit source]

After the war, Hause would do a few more things such as re-enabling elytras, then disabling them again later, (no) thanks to Fit. He also updated 2b2t to 1.11, which patched the 11/11 dupe. He also patched the Donkey dupe and llama dupe.

Miserable Fail[edit | edit source]

On April 25th, 2017, Hausemaster attempted to enable elytras while using AAC as the server's new anticheat. In that day, over 90 people were kicked, even players that weren't using hacked clients. In the same day, over 100 emails were sent to Hausemaster telling him to remove AAC as there were too many false kicks, but none received a response. The change was later reverted.

AAC Re-added[edit | edit source]

After a short time, Hause re-added AAC in early May with a much better update 3.1.6 which reduced the number of disconnects and issues being reported on the server. While hacked clients are still buggy as hell, the raging has slowed down significantly.

1.12 Improvements to server[edit | edit source]

Hause and George have currently been working on new plugins to help improve the overall gameplay of 2b2t. Follow the link below to see all changes and improvements to come:


Bases[edit | edit source]

According to Fit, Hausemaster having his own base was a commonly repeated meme. On August 8th 2016, a rusher named GrayGraySage posted a reddit post on that his friend had found a base named Hitlervile. Gray came to the base and that he spotted three members at the base: georgebush420, "Noodle", and "Baj". After he logged off and came back on the next day, the entire base had been removed, and chunks reverted. Many didn't trust gray about this. However, in November, ChromeCrusher found out that the base had been moved by using an unknown exploit, and promptly blew it up with AlphaComputer. SalC1 recorded a video pre-grief, and noted how the bedrock patterns at the base's location is the same as under the one found by Gray's friend. The base was a mess, with crudly made Swastikas thrown about, and a bizarre central fort made of gold, redstone, and other materials. BarrenDome has also found a supposed base by Hausemaster. It isn't as massive as Hitlervile, and only seemed to have one other member, "Nick". The only evidence for it being made by Hause is that there are books signed by Hausemaster (No screenshots though, so they might be a lie) and how weirdly the base was griefed. The grief showed signs of world-edit.

Drama[edit | edit source]

Hause has been criticized for directly interfering with the 2b2t world using MC Edit by adding / removing things such as massive lag machines. Hause has also been praised / criticized for adding End Portals to the world. The community of 2b2t likes to joke that Hause doesn't do anything with 2b2t unless he is high on cocaine and that he is a massive jew. Hause has also been notorious for not being involved with the server for long periods of time, letting players do what they wanted (which to some oldfags was a good thing) as well as giving Rusher control of the priority queue system. His game breaking rules are criticized due to the fact that the server is an anarchy server where anything should be possible but has received praise as these glitches and hacks would make the server pointless and not very fun.

List of Admins[edit | edit source]

While it is generally recognized that Hause is the sole admin (at least meant to be) on 2b2t, it has been speculated and theorized that there are/were others. This is a list of all confirmed and possible Administrators of 2b2t.

  • Hausemaster - The original owner. He also ran the official 2b2t website, as well as a Garry's Mod server which was less popular. The website indicates that Hause was growing tired of managing the server in 2013, until eventually he stopped altogether and handed 2b2t off to somebody else.
  • "2builders2tools" / "2b2t" - The most probable current owner of the server, taking the reins from Hausemaster in July 2014. This is based off of a message appearing on the server website in July 2014 stating that Hause had stopped running 2b2t and left the server to "an anonymous friend." The owner's personality changed after this message, and it is a personality still seen today. Hardly anything is known about him.
  • Georgebush420 - Suspected to be an actual person rather than just Hause's alt account (and vice versa).
  • iTristan - Due to suspicions of possible collusion between him and Hause during the 3rd backdoor crisis.
  • Other Tyranny Members - It is also possible that Hause gave admin access to other members of the Tyranny, however very unlikely.
  • Curtis - Rusher's little crony who runs the queue system due to an agreement between Hause and Rusher that the queue would be Archon run during the Rusher War. It is suspected that Curtis possibly has more power than anticipated. These suspicions rise from admin on the subreddit to even as far as in game control. He is no longer admin on the subreddit.
  • Benjojo - Wrote a lot of the plugins for 2b2t back in 2012, and had an IP through his own site to join the server if the 2b2t.net/.org domain didn't work. He quit 2b2t after believing it was filled with actual Neo-Nazis. On January 25, 2020, he was interviewed by fastvincent1 in this video. His username was censored, but a 2b2t wiki admin did some research through the 4chan archives and reddit, and his username was also posted in the comment section by the Oldfag JackTheRippa.

Timeline of Administration events on 2b2t.org 2013-­2016[edit | edit source]

Note: This was originally written by James Rustles. It can be found here, at https://puu.sh/otipg.pdf

General Points:

The ‘Admin’ via email claimed to never have accepted plugins from players. But then in the same breath acknowledges the popbob backdoor of 2011

The ‘Admin’ also confirmed that he disabled thunder via email then claims he didn't

Tristan’s GitHub is full of plugins that 2b2t actively uses (they are even described as such) ­http://archive.is/NV4ci ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Random things of interest: All added to timeline ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ To be given exact dates:

[2010/­12­/17] 2b2t minecraft map begun. Arguments over 17th or 20th

[Pre 2014] Hosting switched to OVH ­ Specifically the partner SoYouStart with the auto renew paypal feature. ­

http://puu.sh/oti1U.png ­ http://puu.sh/oti39.png ­ http://puu.sh/oti42.png


Tone of admin emails change (helpful to rude and cocky)

Nice: http://puu.sh/othdY.png Rude:http://puu.sh/otikt.png

Headers change from Swedish to english. [late 2014 early 2015]

Withers re enabled in April 2016 when tristan and co go base ‘hunting’ [date withers appeared @ spawn, 2016]

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Confirmed events:2014

[2014­04­01] April Fools Event with Dragon spawned on limited size map

[2014­07­31] Hause announces handing over server to another admin ­ https://web.archive.org/web/20140820055953/http://2b2t.org/ 2015

[2015­04­01]: April Fools. Admin uses Jihad and MidiRadio plugins (from Tristans github most likely) Tristan adjusted /Jihad and applied the changes almost instantly implying some access.

[2015­04­05] Withers reactivated temporarily for the wrecking of ores X:­103k mesa base

[2015­05­29] Admin takes down server after seeing /tell @a gets coords ­ http://puu.sh/othnl.png

[2015­12­24] Jared wrecks Imps 2016 ­ Where it gets interesting

[2016­01­31] Server goes down. Admin emails to say it's due to PayPal issue. (Transfer to new account?) ­ http://puu.sh/oti1U.png

[2016­March/April] The Lands, out in the millions, accessed by bed tp and destroyed

[2016­03­29 ]: Major change happens here

[2016­04­01]: No april fools for the first since the 2012 event

[2016­03­25] Oremonger rekt, lead by Cartman and Tristan. Tristan showed us all screenshot beforehand. Would not provide info how he got them or how he got there. http://i.imgur.com/G3CJlYg.png

Tristan, jared, taylo (clyde?) go into the end (all portals already supposedly rekt) They then die in the end after a reboot, within 10 minutes back in the end and reboots are stopped f​or the next few hours.

[2016­04­??] Jack’s End base wrecked

[2016­04­??] Exit portal created at jack's base by tristan or taylo

[2016­04­??] Silver’s stash raided

[2016­04­20] KGB base raided (Kino and Brans base with other players, Silver, Ore, VargaGirl, YSJ)


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is another account that now owns the name "Hausemaster" unrelated to the original Hausemaster.
  • Tyrone is popbob 2b2t.org is the earliest mention of Hause on youtube.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  • https://web.archive.org/web/20080226145558/https://forums.2fort2furious.com/userlist.php
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