King's Landing

King's Landing, also known as the IDMM, was one of the most, if not the most, massive bases of 2b2t. It was founded by Oremonger, drewbookman, and Branillon sometime in June of 2015.Template:Space_Valkyria


After the events of the third incursion , Oremonger and Branillon decided to head far away from spawn and build King's Landing. The name of the base was voted on by the invited members, with Branillon coming up with the winning name (The name was potentially a reference to Game of Thrones). The base constructed was enormous with several projects being done.

The peace, as with most bases on 2b2t, did not last with the members and iTristan leaked the base in the public chat during the third backdoor. Oremonger and SilverKrownKing ended up having to destroy the base as they knew it was only a matter of time before someone else destroyed it. iTristan and his buddies from the Tyranny eventually dumstered the place more.


The base had multiple personal builds of the 20 members. Builds included futuristic houses, AwesomeGuyMonkey's treehouse, pixel art, Caleesii's giant castle, a large dragon, a hand with a levitating ball, several automated farms and Oremonger's auto 265 item sorter, the first one ever seen on 2b. This sorter operated using a glitch in Minecraft that is named "glass elevator" in which items are pushed through glass blocks and flow into hoppers and chests.



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