Kool Kids Klub

The Kool Kids Klub is a base founded by c1yd3i and Rustle_League . It was started as the two got bored from travelling as far as they could away from spawn. The base was famous for housing the largest gold farm in 2b2t history, outsizing even the one at Aureus .thumb|220x220px|Largest gold farm in 2b2t historyTemplate:Space_Valkyria


C1yd3i and Rustle_League , when they first joined, wanted to get as far away from spawn as they could. Eventually they reached the millions by travelling on the Nether highway. At some point though, they got tired and have founded the base sometime in 2014. The two began working on the base and eventually began to slowly invite other players such as James_Rustles , who arrived November 25th, 2014, SilverKrownKing , DocSmurf , and Dr.Cash . James_Rustles eventually invited Fit to join the base. According to Fit, when he arrived, the base was really ugly. The group had large ambitions for the base and they eventually agreed to build the largest gold farm in 2b2t history.

During construction, the group decided to create a large pyramid around the farm. On December 20th, 2014, the base was completed and the portals for the farm were lit, which actually lagged the server. The farm was able to produce a stack of god apples in under 20 minutes, according to Fit, which was an insane feat on the server. 75% of all the manufactured god apples in the server's economy came from the Kool Kids Klub during late 2014 and early 2015. The base had one major weakness however, and that was that it was very close to the highway. This issue inevitably caused the base to meet its fate when someone stubbled upon the base by accident. The coords were then leaked to the public and the base was destroyed. This lead to the group taking as many god apples as they could and splitting to grander ventures, which was eventually Valkyria .


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