Leijurv is one of the developers of Impact Client, a free cheat client that is one of the most widely used amongst 2b2t players, and baritone, an A.I. bot that has developed intelligence.

He is also smart and incredibly good looking. Also is famous for his obsession with toes and really cute cats.

Also he did the client automation coding to make The Masonic Eclipse happen.

YouTube channel (warning: contains front and center videos of toenail corners being ripped off)

Brief history on 2b2t:[edit | edit source]

Leijurv would be exposed to 2b2t because it was the perfect environment to test Baritone bots on. From here, he would upload progress updates onto his youtube channel to inform the community about changes and upcoming features.

Eventually Leijurv started to join different 2b2t related discords such as the Vortex Coalition, which he would meme around extensively with. One of the more advanced memes was created a baritone network to help voco sell items, and regulate prices based on supply and demand. There were even plans for trading futures.

At some point early in 2019 he hopped into a call with HermeticLock, and 24 hours later they would meet up with each other in person. This friendship was very beneficial to HermeticLock, as Leijurv would teach him advanced computer science concepts such as how to grab the last index of an array. This meetup also lead to Leijurv joining the SpawnMasons, where as of July 2020, he serves as Worshipful.

During the mapping of Spawn project, Leijurv created some custom software to help map out entire areas of chunks. This added help was incredibly beneficial for the project and is one of the reasons a full 100k download of spawn is now available to the public.

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