Point Nemo

  1. REDIRECT Template:Building template 2Point Nemo is a base that is placed on the 2b2t World Border, where it's cut by the +X axis.


The landscape of the area was generated in 1.6. The first known people, who reached the area, were Pyrobyte and iTristan in December 7th 2013 (most likely with a backdoor). They left a bedrock platform in the other side of the border, with two signs, reading:

"It's the end of the world -Pyrobyte December 7 2013"

"iTristan was here. If you see this, shit went down"

iTristan also left the 121 book from the Mein Kampf collection, created by Victormeriqui and a super weapon on the other side of the border.

In December 9th 2016, Byrnsy started a journey towards the very same place, thus formed the +X Digging Group. It was established, that once they reach the World Border, they going to build a base there, just like they did at other notable points. They named it Point Nemo, after the oceanic pole of inaccessibility - the furthest point on Earth from land, located in the Southern Pacific Ocean.thumb|220x220px|Location of Point Nemo in real lifeIn March 26th 2017, the first group of diggers - househousehouse1, xxq, irql, rasqi, miningminecraft, and several others - reached the World Border, and discovered Pyro's and iTristan's signs. They manged to get the Mein Kampf book.

As other group members also arrived, the building of the base started. In March 28th, when Byrnsy finished his journey, the place already started to take shape. However, it got griefed a day after.

In April 24th Fit finished his own journey, and several of the former diggers, including Byrnsy gathered at the partly repaired base for his greeting.

In April 30th the base was griefed again.

During May, the base was destroyed, and lavacasted beyond repair.Category:PlacesCategory:GriefedCategory:Places GriefedCategory:BasesCategory:Bases Griefed

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