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Template:Infobox:_HistoryThe Pre-Hype Era is a period of 2b2t that unlike most era's of 2b2t, is not focused on one large event. At the end of the 3rd Spawn Incursion (See Spawn Incursions), many players went on to settle in Aureus City. This Era was also known for a lot of destruction and the 2b2t third backdoor. People were able to utilize the /a exploit, allowing them to figure out players' coordinates which this left many bases like Space Valk, King's Landing, and Olympus to be destroyed. A group of players were also able to hack into an OP alt of Hause Master and were able to use it to give themselves stashes and super weapons. The era ended when TheCampingRusher joined the server.

Info from Sato86

The history continues however as big scandals would hit the server weeks later. First was the “/a exploit “that allowed players to triangulate people’s coords, causing the destruction of several bases and more recently the backdoor leak which was proved that illegal administrative acts took/was taken place between 2015 and 2016. The whole drama started by the leak and the admin refusal or blindness, caused a big chunk of the regulars to leave 2b2t.

Today it is well known that Tristan, Taylo, Jared, Clyde and others were involved in using a OP’ed account named georgebush420, which belonged to Hausemaster. They had stole its access and were using it to destroy anyone who they didn’t like and spam superweapons and stashes for themselves. This situation would leave the 2b2t playerbase vulnerable, as many good players quit the server due the abuse, for the scenario we have presently, the biggest invasion the server ever faced.

But this invasion might not have happen if so many articles were not written about the server during this period. Motherboard and RPS wrote articles before the youtube mayhem on 2b2t. This is now just speculation, but they might have made possible for Napkin to find 2b2t and that way, Rusher as well.

This period was also one of the most destructive. Major bases were destroyed such as King’s Landing, Space Valkyria, Olympus, and Imperators' base. The only redeeming event about this time was that Project Vault began during this period, as a initiative to preserve the server’s history and beauty, with the participation of dozens. Months dedicated to travel around 2b2t and recover as many world downloads of bases as possible. The tide of destruction was countered by the most noble act ever done on 2b2t.


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