Queue Clogger Bots

Queue Clogger Bots are bots, some of which were made during the Rusher War, with two purposes: greet players and clog up the queue. There were several made during the Rusher War and beyond, and others made earlier that were later repurposed. They are very tedious and can stay online for days. Keep in mind that some of these bots are actually main accounts of certain players and can be used as bots. The bots use the Aristois Chatspammer.

Queue clogging bots made a reappearance following Hausemaster's announcement that the pre-June priority queue would be removed, most likely as a protest to the change. This led to the queue often being at over 100 players even during non-peak hours, making it very difficult to access the server without some form of priority access.

Known Bots


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