Rhadamantis, originally Kyriath, also known as the Lost City, is the last major base built before the second incursion in the summer of 2013. It gained the title of "Lost City" due to the fact that not many players know or have been to the base.Template:2B2T_Build_Templatethumb|120x120px


It was built by SAINTEIRIK, Lordloffar, Bigmero, Bisquette, pheno778, and others. Not much was known about this group except the fact that they were an independent group that existed in 2013. The base was then abandoned by the group for unknown reasons and was left to time. Eventually, people began to stumble upon the base and minor damage was dealt to the base. It was then found by pyrobyte and Sato86 and was claimed for Valkyria . They fixed several buildings in the base and made the signature Valkyrian Eagle on the main building. The two eventually left the base aswell and it was once again left to the tides of anarchy. Once again, people began stumbling upon the base and they either admired it or made minor damage but never settled. For the whole of the three years since it has been uninhabited, it surprisingly only experienced a relatively small amount of damage over the years, considering the build is on an anarchy server. It has not experienced a major grief and several buildings are relatively intact or completely untouched due to it being a very unknown base. Its mysteriousness was its best defence essentially and hopefully it won't be griefed because of Fit's video.

Sign House

Near the town square, Rhadamantis hosts a small shack made of mainly oak wood with a brick top while spruce wood was used to repair the walls. It has two dandelions inside flower pots, one next to an oak tree. There is some fencing next to the house. Inside are many, many signs with no clear purpose or meaning. It is obvious that these signs are not original as some are on the spruce wood. Some include:


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