Team Pepsi

Existed Sometime in December, 2016 - Present
Status Active
Bases ~10
Numbers 20
Website http://pepsi.team

thumb|220x220px|Team Pepsi LogoTeam Pepsi is a team of players who all have the Pepsi logo in their nametags, and capes viewable on Impact (first seen on Impact 3.0). Their goals are to meme and conquer 2b2t. The only evidence of their existence is the Pepsi logo on the nametags and the Pepsi capes that are on some of the players, and view-able in Impact. 2pork2bot can be seen spreading Team Pepsi propaganda in the 2b2t in-game chat.thumb|220x220pxthumb|218x218px|Team Pepsi Banner and Cape Design



The Team Pepsi banner design is a complex one using all six available layers on a blue backround. It is obviously meant to represent the Pepsi logo. Crafting it requires one Blue Banner, 18 Bone Meal, 3 Red Dye and one Vine. The crafting recipe is shown below.centre|thumb|776x776px


Sometime in December 2016 some players(founding members) created a discord under the name #teampepsi and slowly started expanding until it became one of the most active 2b2t discords in 2017 but after alot of turmoil and arguments and several doxxes being released the discord was deleted on June 1st of 2017 but not all hope was lost because soon after Pepsi Boy created another Team Pepsi discord which exists to this day.

Founding Members


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