Render of The Masonic Eclipse

The Masonic Eclipse was an event organized by the SpawnMasons to build their logo out of obsidian in the sky of spawn, larger than all the other symbols.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The symbol has a total of 28,154,762 obsidian blocks and was built in 8 days and 3 hours using modified baritone bots. Here are the leaderboards, going from most placed, to least placed:

Name Obsidian Placed Rank
Terbin 5,247,238 blocks 1st
0x22 3,096,209 blocks 2nd
Babbaj 2,967,619 blocks 3rd
ufocrossing 2,247,853 blocks 4th
Jordanl666 1,872,313 blocks 5th
Breithan 1,819,744 blocks 6th
l_amp 1,656,692 blocks 7th
Nordic93 1,451,302 blocks 8th
Giganox 1,314,398 blocks 9th
BoomerangVillage 1,276,345 blocks 10th
Nekramite 1,148,707 blocks 11th
Negative_Entropy 727,969 blocks 12th
leijurv 633,042 blocks 13th
Todarac 574,093 blocks 14th
Casparov 557,529 blocks 15th
WarLordN1k 491,410 blocks 16th
HermeticLock 309,330 blocks 17th
Hanscor 278,631 blocks 18th
DieloTai 260,944 blocks 19th
_Henry_ 92,198 blocks 20th
Ain 90,667 blocks 21st
BrotherMusic 40,528 blocks 22nd
24_terminator_80 1 block 23rd

Debate[edit | edit source]

This symbol cuts through many spawn symbols such as that of the Infinity Incursion and the Vortex Coalition, causing many groups to hate the logo for this reason.

External Links[edit | edit source]

Announcement post

SalC1's video

Build stats

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