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The history of 2b2t is one of the most diverse, most interesting, and most all-encompassing histories ever to take place within the world of a digital game. Wars have come and gone, cities have been built and been destroyed, empires have risen and fallen, and vast tracts of the world have been significantly changed, through the years, and all of it has been entirely through the actions of players. It has been written by hundreds of thousands of players, and has spanned over seven years, and continues to be written day by day.thumb|490x490px|centreNOTE: The Sato timeline is outdated

The 4chan Period

For more details, go to The 4Chan Period

Player Count: 50-70

Nothing is much known about the early days of 2b2t, except that the server began on December of 2010. This was the earliest point of 2b2t, and only a few of the players from the 4chan Period stayed until the recent eras. These players are often called Ancientfags.

The Forum Massacre Period/Facepunch Republic Era

For more details, go to Forum Massacre Period and the Facepunch War

Player Count: 50-70

In April 2011, users of Facepunch found out about 2b2t, and decided to take control of the server. They built lots of monuments, however 2k2k is the most famous out of all of them. This republic eventually ends a year later, in February 2012 (however some ripples of Facepunch continued into 2013).

The Server Decay

For more details, go to Great Server Decay

Player Count: 20-50

This period marked one of the most barren times on the server. The server faced drastic player loss during this time due to several facepunchers leaving, the IP changing, and the server being down for three months, causing players to believe that the server shut down for good.

The First Valkyrian Period/Age of Popbob

For more details, go to First Valkyrian Period

Player Count: 10-30

This symbolizes the formation of Valkyria. They are led by famous and well-known players of 2b2t. This is also the era where Popbob is extremely prominent with his thunder hacks.

Legion-Gape Interlude Period

For more details, go to Legion-Gape Interlude

Player Count: 30-20

This period is sparked by the abandonment of Asgard, and a small decrease in player size.

Second Valkyrian Period

For more details, go to Second Valkyrian Period

This period begins with the creation of Fenrir. It ends in the chaos of the third incursion.

Player Count: 20-40

Pre-Hype Period/Age of Consolidation/Age of Tyranny

For more details, go to Pre-Hype Period

This age is known for its relatively peaceful beginnings and chaotic ending.

Player Count: ~5-90

Age of Hype/The Rusher Era

Player Count: 150-2000+

For more details, go to The Rusher War and Age of Hype

The summer of 2016 gives 2b2t its unwanted fame, in the form of TheCampingRusher, a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers (roughly 800k on June 1st, 2016), leads his fanbase to 2b2t, causing player rates to overflow, and numerous monuments to fall. It is the most documented period in 2b2t, and is a period that will change the server's history and future, forever.

A lot of groups spawned from this war, most notably Team Rusher, Team Veteran, The 4th Reich, the Peacekeepers, the Resistance, and Team Aurora.

Notable events: The 4th Incursion, The Rusher War, The 11/11 Dupe, and the French Crisis

NOTE: History beyond June 1st, 2016 is much more documented and precise compared to older information here.

The Rusher War

Post Rusher War

Grand Deceleration Period/Grand Retard Period/Post-Hype Period

Player Count: 80-200 (50-100 during Temp Maps)

For more details, go to Grand Retard Period

Shortly after the end of the Rusher War, the server goes on a slow decay. Most players gave up on 2b2t after the Rusher War, such as most Rushers giving up in the queue, and oldfags getting bored of the server. However, the queue still exists at a lesser extent. The amount of factions in 2b2t also decreased but some present day groups were founded during this time. This was not as severe of a decay as the previous decays the server has faced, where upwards of 80% of players stopped playing, but rather a decay to a stable population consisting of a regular player population who kept playing after the Rusher War.

Notable Events: 7/21 dupe, Third Largest Battle of 2b2t History, Apocalypse Exploit, Donkey Dupe, Spanish/Taco Crisis.

Unification Period

For more details, go to Unification Period

This period is a very sporadic period with a lot of activity and the formations of multiple groups. Several events that have happened during this era were due to these formations.

Notable Events: U.G.E formation, AA formation, Vo-Perium War, UGE vs AA conflict, AntVenom's video, Sixth Incursion, jared2013's "31days31greifs", Boedecken Grief

The Age of Rebirth

For more details, go to The Age of Rebirth

Note: this period is ongoing and may be subject to name changes. Add new events here.

This period began towards the end of jared2013's "31days31greifs" event. Nearly every major base on the server had been hunted down and destroyed, creating what jared called a period of “Rebirth” from the ashes of these former bases and player relationships.

Notable Events: TheDaarickPartner Series, BGM Greif, Beardler/Museum Drama, Resurfacing of 32ks


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