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Reddit - R2bEEaton#8101 on Discord - Joined 10/16/2016

Firstly, yes I am a Rusher by the common definition. I found 2b2t by his videos, his first one, in fact, a week after it came out. I was not subscribed to him at the time and immediately fell in love with his series. The queue was too long for me so I waited until October 16th, 2016 when I got in for the first time (for more than several minutes). After a week of playing, I met a player who's current name is TheColorGreen. We were on opposite axes from eachother but we were both new and wanted to make a base. We moved out to the millions on the -X axis and formed a group (and base) called The Menders. It was a small group dedicated to repairing, being nice in chat, and being nice to any players we might see. We found a god set on the highway on route to our base and 2 days after we founded our base, the 11/11 (November 11th, 2016) dupe came into effect. We duped the crap out of that god set and scowered dungeons to find enchanted golden apples. We found two gapples which we then turned into four double chests full. We should have duped more but our naive selves thought it was all we would need. Several months later I noticed a few blocks had been broken at the base and TheColorGreen and I loaded up our stash into our legitimately gotten shulker boxes and headed out. The base was griefed within the next day by http_logan and his friends. I hold no hatred towards him. We then went further out, roughly 20k in the nether more, then founded Oceania (which did not get its name until May 2018). It was on an island which, in retrospect, limited our building opportunities. He built a tiny storage room and I've only seen him twice since. I continued to build small things and eventually found myself with nothing to do every time I connected to 2b2t. Then... the unthinkable happened. The date is March 10th, 2018. I had just learned of the 2b2tmuseum and contacted them to submit a world download of my previous base, The Menders base. I was referred to Beardler. We chatted and I sent him a world download. Little did I know, the world downloader mod I was using uses the server name as the world name. I sent Beardler a world download to my current base instead of the old one. He took a look at the world download and replied, "If you want a basemate I could show up sometime next week." He arrived the next day. With him (and my permission) came an onslaught of players like Brayin, MagicEx, Slappnbadkids, aaronalvin, S126, Time_Traveler_, IHackedRoblox, EatMcDonalds, math__u, Dolls, CassiaValentine, Scribblefoxx, and even Offtopia. Unfortunately the base was found and griefed for jared2013's 27th of his 30day30grief thing. The night it was griefed I had JUST left to visit a dupestash. This means I left all my enderchest items in a normal chest in my house. My house is now a crater because jumpy opened a trapped chest next to TnT while he and jared were looting my house. haha. At least those same gapples I had duped a year and a half before aren't in their hands, Having nothing, Beardler and I went to spawn. He showed me the M.O.A.K. He said I wasn't supposed to be there but I could as long as I didn't tell anyone. Little did I know he would be the cause of the grief of that beautiful, beautiful place. Beardler invited me to a project known as Haven, a base planned for 1.13 and originally having 50+ members. Since 1.13 is taking forever to come out, the Haven group has been making temp bases. I was at Purgatory I, leaked and griefed by one of our members Lifeisgood72 who was immediately kicked. I was at Purgatory 2, one of if not THE LARGEST temp base on 2b2t as far as member count. After a little over 2 weeks (I think) it was leaked and griefed by one of our members. We did not know this at the time. I was on vacation when Purg2 was griefed so I missed Purgatory III which was a joke and Purgatory IV. Purgatory IV was leaked by the same person as Purg2 and we found out who it was and they were kicked. We are now on temp base #5, Exposition. Since the Beardler drama, he has been kicked and I have remained in Haven, the group I want to base with for the foreseeable future. I hope you enjoyed this summary of my life on 2b2t and I hope that it lasts a good deal longer. -R2bEEaton July 1st, 2018


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