thumb|220x220px|BibleBot's SkinBibleBot is a chatbot created by 0x22, powered by python. BibleBot is named for its constant references to Christianity, the bible, and christian morals. BibleBot comes with a variety of commands players can use.

!verse - allows the player to pick a verse from the Bible for BibleBot to read.

!execute - players type in the name of a certain player and BibleBot will start a vote to execute the player for a randomly chosen reason. it is not advised to "vote" because inorder to vote, player must do /kill yes or /kill no

!help - list all available commands

!joinmessage - this command lets players type in a message assigned to a players name. When that specific player comes online,BibleBot says the message in the chat. This is BibleBot's most iconic command. Note that players cannot set their own join messages

!joke - this command will make BibleBot tell a rather cheesy Biblical themed joke.

!askgod - this command has players ask a question to god,where god will then answer back with yes, no, or maybe

!report - allows players to "report" people to "the moderators" of 2b2t. When doing so, BibleBot will respond with '[Player Name], thanks for the report. A moderator will assist you shortly.' Of course there are no moderators on 2b2t and this command is entirely a joke.



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