BibleBot's Skin

BibleBot is a chatbot created by 0x22, powered by python. BibleBot is named for its constant references to Christianity, the bible, and christian morals. BibleBot comes with a variety of commands players can use. The bot is most likely made in reference to an earlier bot by c1yd3i, which would let players play Bible quizzes in the chat.

Commands[edit | edit source]

  • !verse - allows the player to pick a verse from the Bible for BibleBot to read.
  • !execute - players type in the name of a certain player and BibleBot will start a vote to execute the player for a randomly chosen reason. it is not advised to "vote" because inorder to vote, player must do /kill yes or /kill no
  • !help - list all available commands
  • !joinmessage - this command lets players type in a message assigned to a players name. When that specific player comes online,BibleBot says the message in the chat. This is BibleBot's most iconic command. Note that players cannot set their own join messages
  • !joke - this command will make BibleBot tell a rather cheesy Biblical themed joke.
  • !askgod - this command has players ask a question to god,where god will then answer back with yes, no, or maybe
  • !report - allows players to "report" people to "the moderators" of 2b2t. When doing so, BibleBot will respond with '[Player Name], thanks for the report. A moderator will assist you shortly.' Of course there are no moderators on 2b2t and this command is entirely a joke.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • BibleBot is one of the oldest chatbots on 2b2t, having existed since mid-to-late 2015. (Proof here)
  • BibleBot will announce where it spawns if it is killed.
  • BibleBot will greet new players by saying "Welcome [Player] To 2b2t,a peaceful queuing simulator" unless someone set a joinmessage for the player.
  • During October of 2016, BibleBot changed its theme from Christianity to Haramabe. This was only temporary.
  • After kinorana erased map data in February 2017, BibleBot greeted new players with "Welcome [Player] to 2b2t, a peaceful cartography server. To get started simply ask 'Hause, where are the maps?'"
  • In the lead up to the 2017 British Election, BibleBot became a Jeremy Corbyn worshipping bot based around 'Momentum Activists'
  • BibleBot is very easy to exploit. One of the most common way to do so is to type !execute (60 random letters). This will get BibleBot kicked out of the server for spam. This was briefly patched in February but it broke again after April Fools. Video[1]
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