thumb|The coat of arms and seal of the DonFuerians

Existed 2013-present
On 2b2t December of 2016-present
Status Active
Bases Capital City of 2b2t
Numbers 46

The DonFuerian Empire (or simply Don Fuer) is an ideological group that was founded by D_loaded. The DonFuer translates to Fathers Gift and the group has been on several servers over several years. The group's goal is not to play games, and try to have enemies but rather just build and have a good time and influence the history on the server by action, not by meme .

You can download the city here


The group or "idea", as they call it, has existed since August of 2013. It has spread its influence across a few servers and has had 13 different Capital Cities. It was brought to 2b2t by The Vortex Coalition. The Supreme Leader of VoCo, Coltsnid, had appointed HermeticLock as an executive member of the group. Herm was friends with D_loaded and suggested to Coltsnid that they recruit him into VoCo to build a large city for the group. Colt went with Herm to the 9th DonFuer on another server, and convinced D_loaded to join VoCo and build a city on 2b2t.

The 10th city was founded on December 11th, 2016. It stood for just over one month, until its coordinates were leaked by Coltsnid on January 14th, 2017, due to the group's claim to be responsible for "The Fall of VoCo". 30 minutes later, Babbaj arrived at the city and attacked, turning the city into ruin. The 11th city was abandoned before completion because Hermeticlock was starting the Spawn Masons. The 12th DonFuer was completed on July 10th, and griefed on 9/9, along with Don Meer, Don Hoggal, and Los Garr. Llane griefed DonFuer 12, to put the base on the museum working with Beardler.thumb|220x220pxits members (the DonFuerians) are able to participate and roleplay in city functions without worrying about other groups. The group also believes that when you say Hail DonFuer, you're not declaring allegiance to a player or a group, but rather declaring your allegiance to Building thematic Masterpieces you can have pride in.

The DonFuer has several custom made hacked clients with unique exploits only DonFuerians have access to in which they can use to defend themselves or use to aid in construction.thumb|324x324px|DonFuer Banner


Notable Members

The group keeps their members secret for the most part due to security issues and things of that nature.thumb|236x236pxhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c6INpecBS0Category:GroupsCategory:Factions

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