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"Underneath that blanket there is technically a disorganized group of neutral people who avoid PvP and provide humanitarian services. These Neutral players are the ones that plant and maintain melon farms for starving players. They also can be seen around spawn trying to restore resources to the wasteland." thumb|220x220px|Flag of Highland

Existed April, 1st, 2017 - Present
Status Active
Numbers 15
Bases N/A

The Highland started as idea in late February of 2017, between The_Grand_Lotus and CasparovJr.  Highland is a community dedicated to providing a better experience for players on 2b2t.  It is an independent group that remains neutral to affairs of other groups. Highland is a safe haven to all new players, a guide to the 2b2t basics.  Players may find equality here acquiring items considered valuable for potential duping.  Members are screened and groomed for selection, chosen by very private standards.  Highland currently has no chat bots, instead, dedicated players spam Highland philosophy.

Many players have come and gone from the Highland, some choosing not to participate, others having that choice made for them. Members of the Highland understand not to become too attached to individual players, as they can stop playing at any time. The overall sense of community is definitely worth being curious about.  The Highland agenda remains classified to the public, but fully intends to continue providing a better experience for players in general.

~ THIS IS THE OFFICIAL STATEMENT PROVIDED BY THE LEADER OF THE HIGHLAND~thumb|323x323px|Shield Bannerthumb|316x316px|Banner

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