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househousehouse1 is a 2b2t player who joined in June 2016 and has been active on the server for over a year. househousehouse1 is best known for:

- Becoming well known during the rusher era for making low quality bait shitposts on the 2b2t subreddit.

- Creating the 400 400 nether VOID bedrock hole (the second most popular one to this day).

- Creating the 400 400 nether ROOF bedrock hole (most popular one to this day).

- Being in the initial worldborder group with Byrnsy , Pufferfluffs, and Auion and contributing to +X highway bases such as 15miltown .

- Discovering a bed tp exploit that was used for over 2 months before getting leaked and patched.

- Using a lag exploit to bring hell to the 2b2t community over the course of several months, resulting in the loss of many friends for hhh1. The machine used for this has since been removed by hausemaster .

- Removing water from The Southern Canal with some other Vortex Coalition member and generally griefing highways.

-Building an extremely high quality dirt hut near spawn which was toured by Fit

househousehouse1 is largely disliked by the 2b2t community for being an immature fag and lagging the server. Although he is hated by many he has been in several groups such as the Spawn Masons, The Vortex Coalition, Team Mentos, and Splinter/Subgroups of VoCo, like Team Cyber and RULACLAN.Category:PlayersCategory:People

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