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thumb|220x220px|Many (if not all) of the most common map art from before the kinorana map crisis.Map art is a form of Minecraft art that can be created by making large scale terraforming and filling in the map with art from a bird's eye view, map art can be increased in resolution by adding scaling the art up across multiple maps as can be seen with much of the higher quality maps. Map art was a form of currency on 2b2t as several people made map art in order to sell copies to people for other valuable goods after all anyone can make perfect diamond armour but few can make good map art. Many people see map art as the most beautiful thing to come out of 2b2t

Some donated maps to Fit's first historical museum which were then stolen by Oxymoron who sold them on. These images included memes, anime, flags, Nazi related images, and several other images.thumb|220x220px|Spartan115's Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Map ArtMojant set a limit of 32768 maps per world for some reason and any maps made after this will have the ID : 0 and be incredibly glitched. This limit was reached during the 11/11 dupe. As of now, thanks to good ol' Hause the limit isn't full and new map art can be created. This will likely change when a new dupe will be discovered.thumb|220x220px|That's not map art, THIS is map artExamples of map art include Kappa, Rainbow dash, The Swastika, The Swastika (4), The Swastika (6), Adolf Hitler, The Jew Flag (4), The ISIS flag (4), Southern Flag (4), Italian Flag (2), Here's Johnny!, The Union Jack (4), Everything's coming up Milhouse!, that anime one (won't catch me with that weeb shit) The Trollface, The Fireflower and many more.


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