The 2b2t Subreddit is a subreddit on reddit (duh) where people who play on 2b2t (or at least know of it's existence) can submit 2b2t related content. Memes, Shitposting, and Drama relating to 2b2t are here. The 2builders2tools admin is speculated to be owned by Curtis.

According to the queue, the subreddit itself is one of the three official contacts of 2b2t (all owned by Hause (with the reddit being te only discrepancy)). The other two being 2b2t.org (which has been down for atleast 4 years) and 2b2t.org@gmail.com which is the server's email (where you can freely spam and shitpost Hause :DDD).thumb|220x220pxThe 2b2t subreddit admins are known to delete any post criticising or questioning Fit as well as banning users for posting them. This raises questions about admin abuse on the subreddit as well as confirming the theory that Fit is being used to bring more money to the server owners.Category:MiscellaneousCategory:Miscelaneous

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