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@zupblocksexe - 25 days ago (0 replies)

whats 2b2t discord?

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@juakint0roC - a month ago (0 replies)

Hi someone knos the coords of the zetassj comunity I want to say hi >:D

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@BinaryCitizen - 2 months ago (0 replies)

Can someone send working link to discord server with trading cards?

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@iNocto - 2 months ago (0 replies)

I found dupe, pretty overpowered

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@Skuarsky - 2 months ago (1 reply)

I'm making an actual 2b2t iceberg. If you guys have any suggestions for entries please detail them. note: the entries must be based on fact and theories/speculation must be reasonable. Iceberg Image Link: (not finished)

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@Webnasty - 3 months ago (0 replies)

2b2t has rekindled my love for Minecraft. I'm a long time player and I'm stoked to make some epic builds and see how long they last. Here is a link to a screenshot of my temp base. It was a warm up to get me back in the game, hence the boring block choices. I photoshopped out any incriminating details to hopefully slow down its demise lol. [Temp Base](

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@skyisweird1042 - 3 months ago (5 replies)

anyone know of a legit shop? i need it for my alt GuardOfHistory to bring it to a project for GoH.

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@FranmalthTTV - 3 months ago (0 replies)

Am still havent gotten out of spawn :c been here for 2 days died countless times #portalstrapsrvergay

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@TheEternalAura - 3 months ago (1 reply)


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@Dr3bb2 - 4 months ago (1 reply)

So I am in new to here and i was wondering since this is anarchy server can use hacks? Wall hacks, x-ray, item spawning, duplication etc? And what do I need to know to get started?

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