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There is no agreed time limit at which a player becomes an oldfag. Some claim that anyone that joined after 2011 is a newfag, others say that those who joined before 2015 are oldfags, and some say that those who joined in 2013 are midfags. It's all subjective, really. It usually is that players who joined during the first three years of the server are oldfags (2010-2013), the second two years are midfags (2014-2016), and current time are newfags (2016-Present). As years go on, these intervals will most likely grow by 1 year (ie after 2018, oldfags will be players who joined in 2010-2014, and newfags will be players who joined from 2017-present.)

While these terms can be used in a hostile manner, on 2b2t they are a part of everyday conversation. When used in a hostile manner, it will usually be for midfags who claim themselves to be a oldfag and everyone else is a newfag, when a newfag asks newby questions like "can i hack on this server?", "how do i get out of spawn?", and "how do I get food? Can someone gimme food?", and for oldfags who claim to be gods and untouchables on the server because of how long they have played on the server (cocky and snotty douches basically).Category:ClassificationsCategory:MiscellaneousCategory:Lists

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