About 2b2t.online


2b2t.online was originally created by a player named 0xymoron. It was a website that served the purpose of finding interesting places.

The premise was pretty simple, anyone could submit coordinates and 0xymoron would approve them.

Change of ownership

In early 2018, 0xymoron decided to sell 2b2t.online to a player named Drachenstein. Drachenstein recruited HermeticLock to become the product manager of the website. HermeticLock decided to give the website a much needed facelift, and turn it into a social network of sorts for 2b2t.

He decided to recruit a bunch of testers and start completely from scratch. On April 9th of 2018, the Alpha launch was released and a few players were invited to become Alpha Testers.

On May 14 of 2018, HermeticLock launched the closed Beta, and with that came the addition of Bottersnike to the development team. Bottersnike helped HermeticLock develop some of the core features that made 2b2t.online into what it is today.

2b2t.online's official release date was on June 27th, 2018.

What now?

Now 2b2t.online is a social network to share coordinates, comment on them, and post messages for the community to see. If you'd like to show your support for 2b2t.online, you can participate in shaping it's future by joining it's official discord.

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