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@sW1chyboi - 19 days ago (0 replies)

Where can i find free kits? I joined not so long ago

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@W8bbuf1t - a month ago (0 replies)

made an account just to say how much of an L hause has become. i mean adding rules to an anarchy server and deleting a shit ton of items. man 9b9t doesn't seem that bad negl

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@UnBlokedBot - a month ago (1 reply)

What the hell has 2b2t done, my god. No resets? Lets reset. Boycott the shit out this server please. Don't even use the reddit, use this. Make 'em cry. Prio? Nah, don't even bother joining.

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@Bebraslav - 2 months ago (0 replies) Let's help recover the 2b2t logo

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@SirHarperIV - 2 months ago (0 replies)

4chan, but worse!!!

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@Bebraslav - 2 months ago (0 replies)

what to write

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@Fangirlxdd - 4 months ago (0 replies)


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@v1ct0r_530 - 5 months ago (1 reply)

hello i will plan to film a 2b2t vid on my yt

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@UnusuallyAsh - 8 months ago (1 reply)


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@Kartube0644 - 9 months ago (0 replies)

sunucuya giriş yapmıyor

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