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@Emerald_Ignis_ - 3 days ago (0 replies)

new player here, and im just gonna say, love this god damn server already.

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@SGSulfur - 23 days ago (2 replies)

Hello, yes, I may be new here and, I do have to admit, the queue is quite intimidating. I'm more than excited to play on 2B2T. I've heard more than great things. Go ahead and insult me all you like, won't effect me. :D

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@NC_Sha - 2 months ago (0 replies)

Things are getting really heated, the purge may strike again so I suggest getting out of spawn ASAP

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@HermeticLock - 3 months ago (0 replies)

Put some duped gear at -3100 -2750 again.

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@Guillermo - 3 months ago (5 replies)

Can't join. So i downloaded 1.13.2 client and impact cheats and game doesn't let me in. I tried to log with 1.13.2 and 1.13.2-impact. Failed to login: Invalid session( Try restarting your game and launcher). I tried to restart,didnt help.

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@lobdooks - 4 months ago (1 reply)

not in minecraft in general, but specifically in 2b, what is the most useful food for you and why? for me, it's cake 'cause it saves me from huge lag times.

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@HermeticLock - 4 months ago (2 replies)

Left some goodies at -3100 -2750.

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@King_of_Atlantis - 5 months ago (1 reply)

Ps3 Minecraft

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@484Herobrine - 5 months ago (4 replies)

simply a screenshot from back in the day i wish to share.

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@HermeticLock - 6 months ago (1 reply)

Feel free to post *images* now that markdown is supported. ![smib](

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