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@LoLMaybe - 5 days ago (0 replies)

I wish to know when i first login. i played for some weeks WAY back but i dont recall the exact date. Can anyone help?

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@pencilsnake - 5 days ago (0 replies)

Has anybody tracked the times when the server is least active? I'd like to actually play on 2b2t, not just log in to sit in a queue for half an hour and get kicked. Many thanks, whatever info you can offer

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@Vilonty - 22 days ago (1 reply)

Hi! While I'm standing in the queue to connect, it throws me out of the server, what to do ?

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@blu4000 - a month ago (1 reply)

Alguien español? Me gustaría unirme a un team hispano.

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@MrCK10 - 2 months ago (1 reply)

Is this still active? I found this while crawling discords.

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@TurtleEdits - 4 months ago (0 replies)

TurtleGang just found backstreet boys base. coords will be givin soon

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@SoiledCold - 5 months ago (1 reply)


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@Tittosaurous - 5 months ago (1 reply)

New to server want to join or make a group...interested? Discord is XDLife

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@Killwave - 6 months ago (1 reply)

woah and i still remember my account till this day

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@B_STick - 6 months ago (2 replies)

Any Groups to join? My Discord SBN32#0208 PLS i played it since 2017

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