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@MrCK10 - a month ago (1 reply)

Is this still active? I found this while crawling discords.

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@TurtleEdits - 3 months ago (0 replies)

TurtleGang just found backstreet boys base. coords will be givin soon

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@SoiledCold - 4 months ago (1 reply)


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@Tittosaurous - 4 months ago (1 reply)

New to server want to join or make a group...interested? Discord is XDLife

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@Killwave - 5 months ago (1 reply)

woah and i still remember my account till this day

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@B_STick - 5 months ago (2 replies)

Any Groups to join? My Discord SBN32#0208 PLS i played it since 2017

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@Qe3 - 5 months ago (1 reply)

Any good groups to join? for example: highway building groups? any discord invites? im completely lost in what to do since im loaded with stuff but no people to play with... so it's getting a bit boring now.

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@Tonyplayz4ever - 5 months ago (1 reply)

How do i buy the thing where you dont have to wait

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@SGSulfur - 6 months ago (2 replies)

Hello, yes, I may be new here and, I do have to admit, the queue is quite intimidating. I'm more than excited to play on 2B2T. I've heard more than great things. Go ahead and insult me all you like, won't effect me. :D

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@NC_Sha - 7 months ago (0 replies)

Things are getting really heated, the purge may strike again so I suggest getting out of spawn ASAP

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