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@vuhung112233 - 6 days ago (0 replies)

Why can't I log in to the server?

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@ThersholdFan - 3 months ago (0 replies)

hello community well I am a minecraft user that I love I offer an idea for the 2b2t monuments the historical and most important ones because they do not offer protection to those constructions so when a player wants to destroy it she cannot put any block or something like that since I like those constructions

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@Linusen9 - 4 months ago (1 reply)

Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone that could teach me how to make mc hacks like a hacked client or something like no com but a really smaller scale (preferably the second one). So if anyone would be intrested let me know (I won't pay yes I'm that much of a cheapskate).

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@SBrody5 - 5 months ago (0 replies)

anybody know some dupes that arent patched? i want to get some good gear but I dont wanna pay for anything. trust me bro i tried popbob sex dupe

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@Nemtron112 - 5 months ago (2 replies)

how can get in to 2b2t server

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@mrck102 - 5 months ago (1 reply)

Cool site, why does no one use it?

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@aodrael - 6 months ago (4 replies)

i'm returning to 2b2t, after a long hiatus, i'm gonna be making a new group pretty soon.

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@gordon_freman - 9 months ago (0 replies)

Is there any website or archive where I could register my schreenshots?

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@gordon_freman - 9 months ago (1 reply)


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@braydel - 10 months ago (1 reply)

If your hot like imaqtpie then you would understand that is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. ![](

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