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@guiying666 - 11 days ago (1 reply)

Let's see... [2b2t is full] [Position in queue: 812] [Position in queue: 811]i hours later... [Position in queue: 76] [Position in queue: 75] [2b2t is full] [Position in queue: 801] Ah,can the server begin to change? em,75+1=801?

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@guiying666 - 12 days ago (0 replies)

我的队列在503的时候,突然显示一行橙色的字,接着我就被踢出了服务器。回来后我的队列被清空了!为什么不设置一个队列保留机制?或者,提高稳定性以避免我的队列被清空?It's really too difficult to join the server!

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@lumibar - a month ago (2 replies)

Waiting time is too much? its a way I can lower this?

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@jordan4617 - a month ago (1 reply)


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@Alun_a - a month ago (2 replies)

why s the queue so long been waiting for atleast an hour

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@haskhosk - a month ago (1 reply)

I had a dream that like the #teamnotrees thing what about Team no cobblestone! THERES TOO MUCH COBBLESTONE ON 2B2T

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@madcrazymoose - a month ago (1 reply)

Do you know any duping glitches by any chance? If so, please message me on Discord, ZealousMoose#9880. If you give me a dupe glitch that works, I will gladly give you a bunch of free kits in return, but ONLY if it works.

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@TidoBruce - 2 months ago (0 replies)

Are you stuck at spawn? Do you want to join a group but aren't sure you'll get accepted? Then join the order of the stone!! We'll accept you even if you're a builder, a fighter, or whatever your strong suit is!!! https://discord.gg/HvmFcXt

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@TheSphinx85 - 2 months ago (1 reply)

Thanks for this extensive list of bases on 2b. I will get around to visiting their ruins. I have a base near spawn I will add to your collection soon and I am wondering where I can get world downloads for these bases

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@SwingTrigger - 2 months ago (1 reply)

Can I use realm code to join to this server?

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