Hacked Items

Hacked items are items that have been hacked in by various backdoors, exploits, glitches, and things of that nature. Some of these items have a purpose, others don't. Regardless, most of these items are considered valuable by the general population. Some of these items are even exclusive to 2b2t, as some of these items will never be seen on any other Minecraft server, which truly enhances 2b's uniqueness.thumb|220x220px|Stacked ArmorThese items will be listed with a rarity based on how hard they are able to find or attain: thumb|172x172px|Hacked ID itemthumb|220x220px|Barrier Blocks in iTristan's inventory due to the third Backdoor.thumb|220x220px|Enchanted Glass

Obtainable Hacked Items

Removed by Hausemaster (possible to obtain with commands in Minecraft, but disabled on 2b2t)

Removed by Mojang (no longer obtainable in Minecraft)

Possible hacked items

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