Toro's Theater

Template:2B2T_Build_TemplateToro's Theater was a base built by Torogadude while he was getting back to the Death Star II.


Toro's Theater was intended as a filler on Toro's channel because Torogadude accidently died in the End when his character looked at an enderman while being afk.

After about two months, toro showed off the complete build, but during his livestream he accidently leaked the coords while toro was doing a world download for the theater. As you can probably guess, people were there to blow the base up in no time and the whole base was destroyed. Toro jumped in on the griefing.


The base was completely underground and, as the name implies, was a large theater (before it was turned into a crater that didn't do the job well). The base, was completely made out of wooden planks and other wooden material (specifically birch and acacia) it was also built with clay blocks and stone bricks.Category:PlacesCategory:GriefedCategory:Places Griefed

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