Facepunch Republic

Existed April of 2011- February of 2012 (Chezhead’s Republic) February of 2012 - June of 2012 (Phagocytic’s Republic) (with some ripples in 2013)
Status Disbanded
Bases Camp Facepunch, Facepunch Castle, Fort Creationism Corner, Fort Hardware and Software, Outpost Raptor I, II, III, and IV, Banana Republic, Drunken Embassy and several other bases, camps and outposts. 2k2k, Hitlerwood, and Fort Avril were the last.
Numbers ~100-500

thumb|220x220px|leftThe Facepunch Republic, also known as the Facepunch Alliance, was a group of players that joined in early 2011. They consisted out of www.facepunch.com users thus giving them their name. Their leader was known as Chezhead, who lead the group up until October of 2011. Facepunch came to 2b2t to play and create cities where their forum members could build and bring a bit of order among the tides of anarchy by creating a perfect civilization where people had jobs and whatnot. Their initiate failed horribly as their actions were seen as an insult to the whole server, beginning a hunt for facepunchers on the server. This led to server wide conflict on the server and lead to their inevitable demise. After Chez left and gave up hope, the remaining facepunchers failed to keep the group together and eventually disbanded in February of 2012. Their forum was still essential to 2b2t to server as a media and a memory book of the server.

One of their main (and most notable) spawn bases was 2k2k located at approximately X: -2000 Z: -2000. Built by facepunchers under Phagocytic, who took control after Chezhead’s departure and initial disband of the Republic, was their last ditch effort to fend off the attacking 4chan Anarchists. Since their base was close to spawn, it was griefed multiple times, but it didn't stop the Facepunchers from repairing it for over a month. Eventually, the group began to once again decline, as more and more Facepunchers gave up on repairing 2k2k and either went to live somewhere else or left the server. Phago’s Republic collapsed in June of 2012. 2k2k is currently a giant lava cast with some of its former structure still buried under its stony grave. The last Facepunch thread was closed on the 7th June, 2015.thumb|240x240px|Would Be Banner of the Republic (Banners were not added at the time)thumb|220x220px|First Facepunch meeting, with Chezhead at the frontthumb|220x220pxthumb|220x220px|Several Members

Post Facepunch Eras

Despite the republic being disbanded and several facepunchers leaving after 2k2k, there were still facepunchers who remained (similar to how Rushers still roam the server despite Team Rusher disbanding). These facepunchers either fused into new groups, went solo, or never advertised their facepunch origin and secretly made new bases (ie Hitlerwood).

The most notable group of facepunchers still remaining after the Rupublic's fall was the group started by Coldwave, in which he hoped to create a new Republic. He founded Hitlerwood which later fused with Anatolia (aka the Black Flag Group) to create Valkyria. So essentially Valkyria was the Facepunch Republic 2.0 due to their facepunch ancestry. Knightvista created the last facepunch base, Fort Avril, which was griefed. People still come to 2b2t from Facepunch to this day, despite very minimal, however obviously do not have any association with the Republic that existed years ago.thumb|330x330px


Notable Members

Several others


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