Space Valkyria

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Space Valkyria
"If there were gods in 2b2t, this is where they would live."
Space Valkyria.png
BeginningEarly 2015
CompletionMid 2015
CoordinatesX: 436 Y: 0 Z: 2,000
Approx. date demolishedMid 2015
Demolishersc1yd3i, jared2013 (initial grief), and the 4th Reich (post initial grief)

Space Valkyria was an End base that was built by Jacktherippa. It is perhaps the most notable End base in 2b2t history along with its successors Space Valkyria 2 and Space Valkyria 3.

History[edit | edit source]

Construction was mainly made possible because Jacktherippa had several infinites; rare glitched blocks which were able to be placed more than once. As the base steadily progressed and expanded, Jacktherippa started to invite more players to his base. Pyrobyte gave Jack various player heads, which he displayed on armor stands at the base. The only known person who had found Space Valkyria other than people invited before the grief was Fit[1] on accident in 2015. After he took a look around, he continued his journey into the End for his own project, the DFC.

In mid 2015, while Pyrobyte was afk at the base, the /msg coordinate exploit was used on him, and jared2013 and taylo112 arrived at Space Valkyria and griefed it. Once Update 1.9, widely known as the Combat Update, was released, c1yd3i and jared2013 re-griefed and withered the base on their way to grief Space Valkyria 2.[2] The two griefers, using iTristan's backdoor access, teleported to Space Valkyria almost instantly and created an End Portal back to the Overworld. Almost all of Space Valkyria was destroyed beyond repair, and it was destroyed even more over the next few years, with the base almost unrecognizable today. The 4th Reich also paid a visit to Space Valkyria and griefed its remains as much as they could[3]. Jack, however, gave out an un-griefed world download for the general public in Fit's short cinematic video on Space Valkyria. The download can be found on Planet Minecraft

Operation: Treasure Planet[edit | edit source]

Space Valkyria was originally conceived before End portals were re-enabled on 2b2t under the title Operation: Treasure Planet. The objective was to create a base that was impossible to find. Using hacked end portal frames, a portal was placed in a hidden location. Being one of few active end portals on the server at the time, it severely limited possibility for griefing until end portals were re-enabled.

Architecture[edit | edit source]

This base contained many floors, all of which served a specific distinct purpose. Its lighting system was unique, consisting of several beacons hanging from the ceiling as a light source, instead of using more traditional ways such as torches or glowstone. The uppermost floor consisted of multiple farms and an Overworld-like environment. The uppermost level also contained a large length of glass, reaching from the central tower to the borders of the outer wall. This was the beginning of a dome that was to cover a biome filled with trees, but this was not completed before the base was griefed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Space Valkyria 3 shares many design elements from the original Space Valkyria, including the general shape
  • Although the dome on top of Space Valkyria was never built, a similar dome was built at Space Valkyria 3 that contained a biome filled with plants and mobs

References[edit | edit source]

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