Kinorana Map Crisis

The Kinorana Map Crisis was a week-long crisis in 2b2t when Kinorana , a trader in 2b2t, changed all the maps in 2b2t thanks to an exploit. This was originally a prank, until spiraling down into chaos.


On February 25th, 2017, all maps were changed by Kinorana. This caused madness across the server and the players. People bashed on kino in the subreddit .

However, prior to the prank, he contacted Hausemaster to warn him and save all map files so he can restore the maps if he wanted to.


On February 28th, 2017, grindlord and other deathspammers in 2b2t began to flood the chat with things such as "KINO IS A FAGGOT", "send KINO to ISIS", "PEICE OF A SHIT HAUSE FIX MAPS". Even BibleBot joined the protest. The subreddit was full of threads about the map issue.


The drama ended on March 3rd. However, Kinorana's map still remains as a ghost map. The maps can still be restored if the original map art build has been visited. This also leaves new map art to be created.

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